versatile bookcases

When is a bookcase more than a bookcase? When it's a TV stand. Or when combined with other units to make suites that become a room's focal point. We call them “bookcases,” but we all know the sky’s the limit when it comes to what they can display. Choose just one if space is limited, or buy in multiples to create an entire wall of storage. Finally, combine bookcases with pier towers to make an impressive statement piece for any room in your home.

Dimension Four Bookcases PA


Raised panel sides, glass panel sides for curios, flush cut left or right to create wall units, widths under 36" for corner models...use your imagination to fill your space your own special way. The beauty of Dimension Four is in its flexibility. Homeowners are truly in control because "standard" is merely a starting point for combining features in hundreds of different ways.


Get the EXACT size! While we offer many standard sizes in 6” increments, we know that you may need a precise size in between. Every piece we make can be built to your exact dimensions to perfectly fit your space. Just ask.

14" DEEP 18" DEEP
18"W 18"W
24"W 24"W
30"W 30"W
36"W 36"W
42"W 42"W
48"W 48"W

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