Our normal lead time is 6–8 weeks, although about 75% of our orders are ready in 5–6 weeks. When giving completion times to customers, please allow 6–8 weeks. We want to under promise and over deliver.


Standard terms are Net 30 Days. Invoices not paid within 30 days may result in orders held until your account is brought current. We also offer a 1% discount on invoices paid within 10 days for dealers with a qualifying annual sales volume.


To make sure we receive all order information accurately, please use our Dealer Order Form, and place orders by email or fax rather than by phone. Email to dimen4@outlook.com or fax to 800-592-7148. Orders will be confirmed by a Dimension Four Sales Order within 2–3 business days by email or fax. It is the dealer’s responsibility to review the Sales Order to confirm that all order info has been correctly communicated. An exact copy of the Sales Order becomes the Work Order we use to build your furniture, so please make sure ALL information is complete and accurate! Additional manufacturing costs arising from misinformation provided will be charged to the dealer. If for some reason your Sales Order confirmation isn’t received in 2–3 days, PLEASE follow up to verify that we received your order.

When placing your order please include:

  • Item Number
  • Case Size
  • Crown and Base Molding Styles
  • Foot Style (if desired instead of base molding)
  • Door Style
  • Door Type (glass or wood)
  • Drawer Front Style
  • Wood Species
  • Cabinet Back (regular plywood, beadboard plywood, solid tongue & groove)
  • Cabinet Sides (wood panel sides or glass panel sides)
  • Cut Flush (right or left, if butting units together) (continued on back...)
  • Stain or Paint Colors
  • Finishing Technique
  • Hardware (or pre-drilled holes if your customer wants hardware we don’t offer)
  • LED Lights (if desired)
  • Glass Shelves (if desired)
  • Customizing of case dimensions or configuration. If possible, please include a sketch.


While both height and depth in inches are complete as shown, widths given are based on the CASE WIDTH ONLY,
without overhang from top or bottom molding. Be sure to inform your customers that the actual width needed for
their piece must take into account additional inches for overhang.


Almost any stain or paint color will produce a great result with our distressing techniques, so feel free to encourage
creativity. Customers can choose from Valspar-made OCS stains, eight OCS paint colors, and over 3,500 Benjamin
Moore paint colors. NOTE: For information on ordering physical stain samples of OCS colors on any wood species,
call 330-275-7784.


Dimension Four strives for the highest quality products, beginning by choosing only the best woods, and carefully
inspecting our furniture at each step of the manufacturing process. But as with all furniture brands at this price
point, occasionally a piece may arrive with minor defects, due either to an error during manufacturing or from
mishandling during shipment. Dealers who are willing and able to repair tiny defects in order to speed the order
along to their customer will be fully reimbursed for time and materials used. Please let us know if any such repairs
are needed, so we can both reimburse you and work to prevent minor defects in the future.


The Dimension Four furniture brand, and Country Heritage Woodcraft LLC, exist to bring honor and glory to Jesus
Christ. He is the true owner here, and we try daily to be the best stewards of the opportunity to serve our customers
in a way that is pleasing to Him.


We welcome all feedback, both positive and negative. Our goal is to satisfy you every time and to continually
improve our products and our service. Ideas for new pieces or improvements to existing pieces are always welcome.